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About Dame Salsa Cubana

Based in Southern California. Teaching Rueda de Casino (Cuban Salsa Dance). Promoting & Supporting Cuban Music, Local Bands & Local Dance Instructors. We host dance classes/workshops for special events (festivals, weddings, corporate events, birthdays, retirement party, quinceañera, or any special occasion). Join one of our dance study trips to Cuba in Winter, Summer or Fall...or join one of our trips to Latin Dance Festivals around the world.  *


Rueda de Casino is a super-fun, upbeat, high energy Cuban salsa dance. This is a community dance and it is done in a circle as dancers follow a "caller", synchronizing their moves and switching partners on the caller's queue. Rueda de casino means “casino wheel” and is a Cuban dance tradition that originated in Havana in the late 1950s. This dance has grown in popularity and is danced all over the world.


Not needed to participate but highly suggested. Be prepared to share your partner with everyone. :) All dancers will be in a circle changing partners frequently during the dance.

About The Instructors

In 2012 instructor Robert Morales and assistant instructor Laura Cristina founded Rueda in the Park Orange County Chapter and currently host Rueda de Casino beginner and intermediate classes on Sundays. In January 2016 they started "Cubamania", a monthly Cuban dance party to help raise awareness about Cuban music, musicians, and popular Cuban dances such as Casino/Cuban Salsa and Folklorico. By August 2016, they founded Dame Salsa Cubana, adding Rueda de Casino classes on Fridays in Orange County and on Saturdays in Los Angeles. Robert and Laura are constantly learning from master instructors in Cuba and abroad to teach and share the authenticity of this beautiful, fun Cuban salsa dance. They are actively hosting and supporting Cuban themed events with the purpose of teaching, promoting and/or supporting Cuban music, musicians and local dance instructors. Robert and Laura also host dance study trips to Cuba in Spring, Summer, and Winter featuring cultural and educational exchange by engaging directly with Cuban locals. In May 2019, Robert and Laura Cristina founded "Dame Salsa Global", a travel services company for the dance enthusiasts to connect dancers with Latin Dance Festivals worldwide.  


Robert Morales was born in New York City and at the age of 13, his family moved to Puerto Rico where he lived for 20 years listening to Salsa Tropical and Mambo. He was introduced to Cuban Salsa and Rueda de Casino in 2000 when he moved to Orlando, Florida, where he danced Rueda de Casino with Salsa Heat team.  Robert has traveled abroad to take intensive classes with many Rueda de Casino instructors. He also participated in Rueda de Casino performance groups such as Salsa Heat (FL) and Rueda Madness (CA) where he met his wife, Laura Cristina.


Robert has a bachelor’s degree in business management and has 20 years of experience working in the corporate training and development field. He is currently studying eLearning and Instructional design which includes the application of Adult Learning Methodology…something he applies when teaching Rueda de Casino.


Laura Cristina was born in Guadalajara, Mexico and grew up watching her grandparents dancing Cuban and tropical music. She danced and performed Mexican Folkloric dances for the Casa de la Cultura from the age of five until 14 years old.  Laura moved to Los Angeles in 1988. During her high school years she danced Cuban salsa with her fellow Cuban classmates and developed a passion for it.  Laura lived in Florida for 10 years where she acquired a deeper appreciation for Cuban culture, music, and dance. 


In 2005, Laura moved to Orange County, CA and joined Alma Frey’s AYS dance team. In 2008 she joined “Rueda Madness," a Rueda de Casino performance team. Robert joined the team in 2009 and that is how these two lovebirds met. Laura has been dancing with Robert since 2009 and collaborating with him in choreographing various dance projects.  Laura has a bachelor’s degree in business management with a specialty in organizational development and currently works as Sr. Account Manager for a software company. 


What Robert and Laura Cristina love most about dancing Rueda de Casino is the feeling of community. It is Fun and Engaging. Their favorite quote is "Life is too short. Why dance with just one person? Dance with everyone and all within the same song!" 


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